Making Education Smarter

Engineering and Software Solutions for Academic Institutes

Data Management

We build custom enterprise software for your lab, department or university

Data Science

We provide data science services and consultation for your research data

Research Management

We build tools for scientists and scholars to better manage their work

Powerful, yet simple

FIPPA-Compliant Services

We provide our services on cloud and/or on premise depending on your need;
Offering single sign-on authentication and OAuth solutions for service access;
Full transparency on user data ownership and usage;
User personal info anonymization and data encryption for extra privacy and security;
Full compliance with FIPPA and European GDPR.

Design Thinking

Our design principles are simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

We work with the tools that makes scaling and maintaining of our solutions simpler.

No knowledge of query language or any programming language is required.


For Teaching Labs

Data management for teaching labs. Data cataloging directly from the equipment.

For profs & grads

All in one scientific research companion. Project management, content management, and many other productivity tools for your team.

For Authors

Go beyond the manuscript and manage all the resources and documentation of a journal paper. Knowledge management for research reproducibility.

Level up your education