Academic Laboratory

Visualize class performance instantly and help students learn from data.

Automate your workflow

Instructors, Lab Managers, and TAs spend weeks or even months to aggregate students’ lab submissions, compare results for integrity checks and to provide a constructive feedback. Use Polaris Academia to standardize, combine and visualize submitted lab data. Our platform automatically checks for academic integrity and identifies outliers. Students are able to visually compare their performance against the whole class to enhance their learning experience.

Query data with clicks not query statements

Search submissions using customizable filters Teach using historical data Stack and download a subset of data

Instant feedback

facilitate learning process using population data visualize single or a group of submissions Spend less time analyzing submissions manually

Minimize mistakes and maximize integrity

Auto file naming and storage Centralized file storage and sharing Automatic data integrity checks

Equipment monitoring and idle sharing

Reduce overhead by pre-booking equipment Monitor equipment health using historical data Generate revenue from idle-sharing

Teaching lab to teaching suite

Today’s pedagogies emphasize critical scientific thinking from students, supported by a broader input of data and various media to both inform and display their lab results.

Teach with Data

Enhance teaching experience by using historical data to invoke critical scientific thinking. Filter historical laboratory submissions by customizable filters such as course, experiment, equipment and metadata down to equipment sensor level.

Download & Analyze

Download filtered data for further analysis or use embedded algorithms for routine data analysis.

Live Feedback

Improve students' learning experience based on real-time, visual data that whole class can put to use. Students can see how their work compare to the class or historical data.

Reduce Overhead

Automatically identify outliers and notify students about the results. No manual report handling or manual comparison against population.

Minimize Error

Minimize typos and unnecessary user error by focusing students' attention on a predefined submission process.


Define validation rules for automatic data sanity checks at the time of submission.


Generate revenue for your lab by renting idle time to industry. Our platform provides a secure access to industry to view available time slots, request booking and process payment online.

Equipment Monitoring

Monitor equipment health and status. Automatica equipment calibration checks. Our platform provides maintenance alerts if equipment is going out of calibration.

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