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Classify data by project and data source and have full access to version controlled data repository.

Collaboration in Action

Classify data and corresponding data sources by project. Give project lead and team members have full access to all related information all in one place. Link past relevant work to current work streams for seamless data mining and data retrieval. Team members spend less time mining and cleaning data and more time on driving innovation. Our proprietary version controlling system records all changes in the project activity and data and notifies team members about changes in the project.

Full Access to Historical Data

Link data and data sources to work streams Link previous relevant work to current work streams Full access to data repository with customized filters

Process Management

Link data production process to data Access to data progression within a production environment

Version Controlling & Activity Logs

Access to latest version of data and history Notify team members about recent changes Monitor project progress

Analysis and Visualization

Automated data storage optimization Automated data cleaning and standardization Visualize single or multiple data files

Interactive Dashboard

Fully customizable interactive dashboard provides a snapshot useful information such as equipment status update, latest data uploads, overall storage status and more.

Connect data to data sources

Our data handling system speaks to your equipment. Live stream data or manually upload data to a centralized databased. Data inflow is automatically standardized, optimized for storage and undergoes under integrity checks.

Full Access to Historical Data

Test and Manufacturing data are stored under corresponding work streams on a centralized database. Bundle your work streams into a coherent project full engineering analysis. Archive data based on project, user, project team, date and etc.

Download & Analyze

Download filtered data for further analysis or use embedded algorithms for routine data analysis.

Work stream Management

Organize your project into work streams. Establish digital linkage between test/manufacturing data and corresponding work streams. Project leads can monitor work streams and data inflow at real time.

Process Management

Data production and corresponding samples and work streams are labeled within a manufacturing line.

Version Controlling

Project leader and members have full access to the latest version of data as well as the historical versions as the project evolves.


Keep all required documentations such as instructions, processes, protocols and etc in a centralized location organized by projects.

Activity Logs

Record user activities and system wide changes in the database.


Use built-in flexible graphing tools to visualize single or a stack of data from one or multiple projects.

Built-in Analysis

Use our all-in-one platform for automatic data pre-processing and routine data analysis tasks.

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