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Full access to historical research data right at your fingertips

Historical data at your fingertips

Fast and reliable access to historical data classified by project, equipment, user and etc. Instead of relying on file system to manage valuable research data, archive your data on a centralized searchable database. Eliminate the need to rely on third party file transfer platforms such as Dropbox and GoogleDrive and avoid risking losing data from your local machines. Instead, use Polaris data management platform with built-in customizable database that establishes logical linkage between research data and projects.

Unleash the power of historical data

Search historical data with customizable filters. Equip new researchers with all data they need from previous projects. Stack and download a subset of data.

Transparent project management

Build-in project management tools visible to all team members. Better resource allocation based on all project streams. Clear workflow for the whole team.

Version controlling & Documentation

Researchers move between projects but the knowledge stays with the team. Full access to file history. Eliminate the risk of lost and misplaced data.

Keep on innovating

Extract knowledge by cross correlating project findings. Visualize data from single or aggregated projects. Built-in data post-processing modules.

Never Lose Data

Store your hard earned research data under your work stream on a centralized database. Bundle your work streams into a coherent project for your grand conclusion. Archive data based on project, researcher, project team, date and etc.

Download & Analyze

Download filtered data for further analysis or use embedded algorithms for routine data analysis.

Work Streams

Break down your work into activity streams and organize data based on work streams.

Resource Management

Project leads can view team members activities for better resource management.

Version Controlling

Project leader and members have full access to the latest version of data as well as the historical versions as the project evolves.


Keep all required documentations such as instructions, processes, protocols and etc in a centralized location organized by projects.

Activity Logs

Record user activities and system wide changes in the database.


Use built-in flexible graphing tools to visualize single or a stack of data from one or multiple projects.

Built-in Analysis

Use our all-in-one platform for automatic data pre-processing and routine data analysis tasks.

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