Mission Statement

Making education smarter, one student at a time.

Our Founding Story

Chief Executive Officer Arash Ashtiani and Chief Technology Officer Amin Rezapour have a 20-year track record of software engineering, data science and engineering. They first teamed up when Arash was leading data science activities at a reputable fuel cell company, while Amin was developing a CRM at a startup in California. This work resulted in Polaris, a breakthrough tool for data management, which launched in 2017.

Built by Data Scientist

With first hand knowledge of working with complicated datasets and hurdles of data scientists

Full Stack Solution

From database to a web-based UI. No knowledge of query language or any programming language is required

All-in-one Platform

From automated data standardization, to data post-processing and visualization all in one user friendly platform

Our Team

Arash Ashtiani, PEng

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
15+ years of software engineering, fuel cell design/modeling, data analysis and Machine Learning.

Amin Rezapour, PhD

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder
7+ years of research and development experience in experiment design, data analysis and machine learning.

Alborz Alavi, MBA

Business Development Manager
15+ years of product management and business development in telecom and e-commerce industries

Dmitry Astrikov

Lead Full Stack Developer
10+ years experience in software development including C++, Python, Django, CSS, SQL and Web.

Vyacheslav Martsinkevich

Full Stack Software Developer
9+ years experience in software development including Python, Django, SQL, CSS, React and Web.

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